Rage rooms – Where you pay to destroy objects when you are stressed out.

Riot Prices


CAUTION: Each and EVERY guest  MUST sign a waiver and show proper ID before gearing up for destruction. Sorry but NO Minor under the age of 16 years of age can participate in the riot without a parent or legal guardian present during the entire riot session. Before entering all Rioters MUST wear Tyvek coveralls, Full Riot helmets, protective vests and gloves. Absolutley NO OPEN TOED SHOES ALLOWED!!! Once everyone is all geared up and ready to release the fury you will be directed to a room which is prepared with the items that coincide with the riot package you have purchased. Once the door shuts your time begins to smash and destroy the items set out for you. If at any time you or anyone in your party hits or swings at another person or a non-riot item in the room you will be asked to leave and will not be welcomed back.   

Why a Smash Room