Do you want to get rid of unwanted junk drop off or we can pick it up!



 Are you looking to get rid of unwanted items or things you can’t sell? S.C Riot Room will gladly accept your breakables - TVs, printers, computers, stereos, vases, lamps, picture frames...we’ll take them off your hands.

You can drop them off at our Lexington S.C location Please be advised that we are not able to pick up donations. We recycle everything that we can after it has been used, so go ahead and give your stuff one more purpose at S.C Riot Room before it’s relegated to the recycling bins. Help someone get some anger management in the form of smashing stuff to bits. We cannot accept ammunition, explosives or hazardous items.

  • Glass ( bottles, dishes, vases...)
  • Computers ( monators, keyboards ...)
  • Appliance Recycling
  • ​​Electronics Recycling

Why go to a rage room?

Rage room or smash rooms are not specific when you are angry. You can also visit the smash room to relieve the stress and not merely anger management. When we talk about rage room, we factually talk about releasing that pressure and stress that you even don’t know was there. It can be more like fun to visit the smash room. The rage rooms can be used to relax the clients i.e. the mental peace. 

There are too many people who want an outlet from family stress or pressure from normal life. There are also many people who work out each and every day or request or meditate but you may like to break stuff in frustrated condition. Remember the first time you smash a bottle. 

If you think you have a calm and peaceful nature and don’t think you can be violent, you will be surprised to know that you will literally enjoy the experience in the smash or rage room. It will help you release and liberate the stress which you have not expected.