Why a smash room?

 It can be amazingly satisfying to watch destruction and demolition. Like a house made of cards collapsing, the leveling of fire gutted structure or a perfectly placed explosion in an action movie. What could be better...when you are the one who is doing the smashing. That's why we are happy to present, SC Riot Room!! Come smash all your frustrations away at our smash and trash room. 

About SC Riot Room

Smash room , rage room, riot room

A Little Rage Room History

A Little Rage Room History

A Little Rage Room History

 The first rage rooms to open were likely in Japan in 2008 or earlier. The concept spread to other countries, such as Serbia, England, and Argentina. Today, there are hundreds of rage rooms in cities in the United States such as Tucson, Dallas, Milwaukee, Rochester, Hampton, Charlotte, and American Fork.

Smash Room, Riot Room,

What Is A Smash Room

A Little Rage Room History

A Little Rage Room History

  Rage rooms, also know as smash rooms or anger rooms are a place of business where a person can go and vent their rage and anger by smashing things in a controlled environment. Example; a customer enters a room with multiple objects displayed and ready to be smashed. With the proper riot gear and safety protection they are ready to release their angry in a healthy smashtastic way!  Once the riot season is complete no clean up is necessary!!! You simply leave the piece where they fall.

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Visit the SC Riot Room

A Little Rage Room History

Visit the SC Riot Room

Riot rooms and smash rooms are entertaining as well as provide a good outlet for stress. The price of visiting the SC Riot Room ranges between $30 and $120 which includes safety apparel. Each person is required to wear Tyvek coveralls, a riot helmet, and protective gloves. Different blunt end riot bashing objects will be provided to smash and trash every last item in the riot room!!! Many items are smashable, including laptops, televisions, ceramics, and many more....

Smash Room, stress relief, Riot Room

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